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 “Chinese Multicultural Herald” was first launched on Mar. 5th, 2020 and it is an online Chinese-English bilingual online publication from Overseas Chinese Dream Inc. Taking advantages of Chinese communities and the rich resources of each community, adhering to the objective, fair and accurate principles of news report, the newspaper provides high-quality comprehensive news update and in-depth analysis to readers who understand Chinese around the world. Bi-weekly published on Thursday, the online newspaper is completely free of charge. Printed version is currently distributed in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta and digital version independent of borders is distributed to Chinese readers worldwide. 


The name, Tianshi Bao which is the Chinese pinyin of characters, represents the harmony between human and nature. The newspaper aims to introduce Chinese traditional culture and improves the cultural communication with unique genre of perspective from media. Topics and themes in the newspaper are various, including International News, North America, China, Finance and economy, Provincial update, The Elegance of Chinese Demeanour, Original Literature, Journal of Clubs, Chinese Taste, Publish In Instalments, News Review, Calligraphy and Painting, Viewpoint, Response of Readers, Video and Official Account etc.


Overseas Chinese Dream Inc. was established in Aug. 2017 in Edmonton, Alberta. This company manages studio entertainment, TV shows, development of scenario, publication of books, cultural communication etc.

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