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The annual meeting of the Green Club, a registered Green Club under the United Nations, shows a new momentum.

Updated: Jul 4

【CMHnews post】The Green Club held its annual general meeting on June 29 at the Burnaby Public Library, marking the beginning of its 31st year in operation. It is currently the most knowledge-based Chinese community in the Greater Vancouver area, with its main activities covering ecological awareness, bird watching, mountain hiking, intellectual tourism, lifestyle introductions, flower art, music appreciation, community tours, organic farm visits, and cultural and historical lectures.

The Green Club was founded in 1994 by Dr. Joseph Lin (1954–2020), a physician from Taiwan, who immigrated to Vancouver two years later. He served as a volunteer and then the General Secretary at the Taiwan Canada Cultural Association before dedicating himself fully to promoting environmental sustainability in British Columbia. He was also a consultant for the City of Vancouver's development. His selfless dedication and unwavering commitment were lost with his death from heart disease in 2020.

The loyal members of the Green Cultural Club are like a big family, always enthusiastic and actively participating in club activities

The Club President, Su-Lin Chen, expressed his concern for the expansion opportunities available. He noted that the addition of volunteer tour guides and instructors to the club has brought a wide range of expertise, allowing the club to continue to pursue the founders' vision of comprehensive development in environmentalism, culture, and education. This vision aims to spread positive ideas and offer friends who care about the club a more holistic experience of environmental sustainability, cultural geography, and outdoor activities.

Ms. Lingwei You, cultural and historical explainer, is a professional teacher at the Vancouver Art Museum

Club Vice President, Jovena Chan, and her family are all artistic by nature. Together, they designed a symbol representing the letter 'G', with a profound meaning behind it.

Vice President Jovena Chan received recognition for her contributions to the club

Secretary-General Rita Chen, a dedicated volunteer, announced that on 8/17, there will be a lecture on bicycle tours, followed by a hands-on activity around Stanley Park on Wednesday. There, they will be joined by Mr. Weiwu Ying (an expert in botanical explanations) from Singapore. The brothers were immediately engaged in a conversation with the planners about this long-planned bike ride idea. Many female club members, upon hearing of the opportunity to use e-Bikes to save energy, were eager to try this convenient mode oftransportation.

The Green Club has a very harmonious atmosphere, and after participating in several activities, members often become good friends. For those who have moved abroad, having like-minded and compatible members to gather together is like a big family concept. Plus, after the activity, there is a potluck dinner, and this time one of the enthusiastic members even made a cake to share, with a famous bakery sponsoring bread. The intellectual tour, together with the food, was of course a complete delight.

 A diverse range of upcoming activities was announce

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