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“AI Technology Assisting Special Needs Children’s Reading” Volunteer Recruitment Launch Event Successfully Held

Updated: Jul 3

CMHnews post】May 30, 2024 - On The 34th National Day for Helping the Disabled in China, a volunteer recruitment launch event called “AI Technology Assisting Special Needs Children’s Reading” was successfully held by the Read and Play! charity organization. Autism spectrum disorder (hereinafter referred to as autism) has gradually gained public attention in recent years. Data shows that the number of autistic patients in China now exceeds 10 million and continues to increase. A growing number of people are starting to pay attention to this particular group, and many different sections of society are actively looking for effective ways that they can help. The aim of the “Technology Helping the Disabled, Sharing a Beautiful Life” event is to leverage AI technology as a means of helping foster the growth and development of special needs children with reading difficulties.

Photos:Online Seminar speakers and volunteers (partial)

Opening Remarks

The event started with a speech that was delivered by Ms. Zhang Junru, the founder of Beijing Golden Wings Art Rehabilitation Service Center for Disabled Children. She highlighted the achievements of Golden Wings regarding art rehabilitation and its efforts helping children with autism, emphasizing that art rehabilitation, including reading, enhances children’s artistic skills while also improving family relationships and increasing confidence. Golden Wings was established in March 2010 and is a 4A-level not-for-profit social organization that offers classes in painting, vocal and instrumental music, dance, and basketball. Through a combination of art and sports, it helps disabled children to realize their self-worth and artistic dreams. It should be noted that the calendar and postcard paintings by Golden Wings students were once presented to former British Prime Minister David Cameron, who praised their work and expressed his heartfelt appreciation, stating, “I also have a child with cerebral palsy. Your work is very meaningful, thank you!”

Photo:Opening remarks from Ms. Zhang Junru, founder of Beijing Golden Wings

AI Technology Demonstration

The founder of Shanghai Lingtech Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd., Mr. Linlin Song, then introduced the AI WordBar that was developed by his company and its technical background. He offered a detailed explanation of the functions and technological implementation of the AI WordBar and showcased the ways in which AI technology can be used to help autistic children overcome their reading difficulties.

Photo:Mr. Song explained how AI Word Bar worked

Photo:Autistic kids from Golden Wings using Word Bar to assist reading

Volunteer Recruitment Launch

William Tong (Tianyi), the initiator of “Read and Play!”, conducted the recruitment launch ceremony for volunteers helping special needs children with their reading through the use of AI technology. He shared how his interest in this field began and how the project will use the AI WordBar as a means of enhancing the reading abilities of autistic children. He called on everyone to help collect image data that could improve the accuracy of the AI WordBar’s recognition capabilities, providing information about specific ways and incentives for volunteers to get involved.

Photos:Read and Play! Organizer William Tong explaining the volunteer project

About Read and Play!

Read and Play! is a charity group that is dedicated to using social power to support underprivileged children in both reading and sports. Its aim is to enrich the lives of autistic and economically disadvantaged children through the power of reading and sports and to promote the development of inclusive communities.

Main Activities

Supporting reading for autistic children

Coaching rural children’s soccer teams

Organizing reading competitions for rural-city children

Mission and Vision

Read and Play! enriches the lives of autistic and economically disadvantaged children through the power of literacy and sports, which helps foster inclusive communities in which all children can live their lives to the fullest.

For more information, please visit

Call for Social Attention

Read and Play! calls on society to pay greater attention to the well-being of individuals with intellectual disabilities. We hope that professionals from various fields will actively participate and work together in order to contribute to educational equity for autistic children. This is both respect for the value of individual life and a driving force for social progress. We believe that the collective efforts can help achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of “Quality Education”, which will create a future for all children that is fairer and better.


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